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Our personal service, legal knowledge and strong relationships with our clients make Vanessa Carpenter Lourie, P.C., the firm it is today. Please read on for some feedback from satisfied clients.

Lourie Stands Out Among The Best And Brightest

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by John

“I have employed large national law firms and small law practices over the years to represent my interests. Many are considered to be the best of their kind. Among all of these, the Lourie firm stands out for its insight, knowledge of the law and individualized attention. Vanessa Lourie is a highly qualified, deeply knowledgeable, client-centered and friendly advocate with a first-class legal education. I rely on her advice and legal counsel in real estate, contract matters and civil litigation. Pricing is fair and commensurate with training, abilities, and results. I have learned to be wary of so-called bargains. There is no question but that the Lourie firm is at the top of my list of legal resources.‎”

Wonderful Results Against A Building

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Maureen

“For eight years I was involved in suing a building contractor who mutilated my house. I had fired 3 lawyers due to their incompetence and lack of interest in the case. I had settled with the contractor and they broke the settlement agreement. Then Vanessa Carpenter Lourie represented me against this wealthy builder and I won. The jury believed our case due to Ms. Laurie’s background efforts and presentation in court. They took less than 2 hours to decide in our favor after a five day trial. Besides outstanding courtroom work, Ms. Lourie is great at knowing all the ins and outs of filing motions and meeting deadlines. She charges a fair market hourly rate, but her efficiency keeps the charges reasonable, since she does so much work online and knows the court computer systems so well. Most importantly, throughout the process, Ms. Lourie maintained a professional attitude, supported me as needed, and UNDERSTOOD what I was going through. She listened to my perspective so she became familiar with the details of the case, much of which happened before she was involved. I highly recommend her.”

Knowledgeable And Helpful‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Dave Carson

“I contacted the law firm of Vanessa Carpenter Lourie, P.C. when I became aware of an impending layoff at my job that was likely to affect my department. I was seeking legal advice about whether I would be entitled to additional compensation beyond or instead of a severance package or salary extension. I found the attorneys to be very knowledgeable, friendly and sympathetic to my situation. I appreciated the direct contact I had with the attorneys and would recommend this firm to others.‎”

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