Thorough Guidance Through Estate Planning And Probate

Everyone should have an estate plan. When an individual passes away without a valid will and estate plan in place, courts decide how your assets will be divided among your family members. Even if you do not currently have assets, estate plans are necessary in the event you inherit assets from a friend or relative or become incapacitated. Take control of your future and create your estate plan today.

The estate planning attorneys of Vanessa Carpenter Lourie, P.C, can help you draft and establish a comprehensive estate plan using a number of tools:

Our attorneys can also assist with estate administration, probate and litigation, including will contests, and we are adept at crafting plans for those with small estates. With more than three decades of courtroom experience, we know how to protect your best interests and devise the strong case strategy you need.

Assistance Facilitating Probate And Resolving Disputes

When a loved one passes away, it may be difficult to navigate the process of settling his or her estate. While some assets of an individual’s estate may automatically be transferred to another person after the decedent’s death, other assets will have to be administered through the probate process. The process differs depending on whether the decedent has a last will and testament or not. The individuals entitled to share in the estate will be determined by the terms of the will; if there is no will, they will be determined through the intestate laws of the state the decedent resided in at the time of death.

If you find yourself having trouble navigating your loved one’s estate, we are here to help. Our trusted staff will be able to evaluate the situation and assist you with the steps necessary to efficiently handle the estate.

Unfortunately, beneficiaries may run into serious disputes after a loved one passes away. When wills are read and assets are distributed, there is a high chance of disagreement and conflict. Our team can thoroughly analyze the deceased’s estate plan and evaluate the validity of the documentation. We can confidently represent your needs either through negotiation or in court.

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