Capable Counsel Following The Discovery Of A Development Defect

Shoddy construction practices used to build homes as quickly and inexpensively as possible continue to contribute to the rise in construction and development defects in condominiums and townhomes. When construction workers are not properly trained or supervised, the quality of their work can suffer. Failure to adhere to building code requirements, the manufacturer’s instructions or recommended uses can lead to significant construction defects.

If you face a construction quality issue with your condo in Maryland or Washington, D.C., the attorney and staff at Vanessa Carpenter Lourie, P.C., in Georgetown can help protect your home and financial interests.

Complex Claims Involving Multiple Parties

A condominium development defect often impacts more than one unit. Left undetected or unrepaired, a latent defect can cause significant damage over time. Once discovered, these problems may involve multiple parties including the property owner, the condo association, construction companies and contractors.

We routinely represent clients with claims involving:

  • Water damage through leaking roofs, windows and faucets
  • Mold growth
  • Unstable floors or balconies
  • Sinking foundations

In-depth industry knowledge coupled with more than three decades of experience litigating construction matters and partition action disputes uniquely qualifies our firm to handle defect claims. We understand the complexities these claims involve and are ready to protect your interests.

Collective Interest And Responsibility

Multi-unit properties are unique in that owners have exclusive rights to their property, but the association has a collective interest in and rights to all properties within the community. Owners bear the responsibility for maintaining their property in a reasonable manner and are liable for interior repairs. However, interior damage caused by faulty conditions in a common area, such as a roof, would place responsibility for repairs on the association and possibly the construction company or contractor. We can determine who is legally responsible for necessary repairs.

Contact Us For Experienced Assistance

It is imperative to report any signs of a defect as soon as possible to avoid exceeding the statute of limitations or repose. Arrange a case evaluation with a lawyer by email or by calling 202-342-8000. We will thoroughly discuss your case during an initial consultation at our Georgetown office.